Intamin Transportation Ltd.

Intamin Transportation, as one of the leading suppliers of Monorails, has gained a world-wide reputation for providing high quality products and services on time, and for a fair price. Since many years, the company has been involved in the planning, design and engineering and supply of transport systems to parks, exhibitions, sports- and leisure centres as well as shopping malls and more recently semi-urban applications, with in-house resources capable of providing not only the engineering, consulting, manufacturing and installation but also the maintenance and operation including ticketing.

The Intamin Transportation Monorail systems represent one of the most environmentally friendly transportation systems that run on clean electrical energy with the possibility of regenerating the dynamic braking power making it very energy efficient. It is proud of its very light weight track system that can be easily incorporated in existing infrastructures.

Three types of trains, the P6, the P8, and the P30 system platforms, have been conceived and consequently refined in terms of durability, maintainability, and operational convenience. They are developed as modular units with which short or long trains can be configured, capable of handling inclinations up to 15 to 20%, compound curves, and 1,000 to 5,000 persons per hour and direction. They can be operated in closed loops with on-line or off-line stations or in a shuttle service, with the possibility of extending the layout at any time.

The trains are comprised of passenger’s compartments that provide optimal comfort, combined with functional, modern design. Each compartment can be equipped with automatic sliding/plug doors, HVAC-units, PA- and 2-way communication units, as well as CCTV systems or passenger information displays, as per the customers requirement. The trains can be operated manually with a driver on board or with the Intamin Transportation Automatic Train Guiding System which allows fully automatic operation without a driver on board. This control and automatic train guiding system is characterised by its simplicity and reliable functioning.