Maintenance Vehicles (MRV)

For Intamin P8 and P30 monorail systems, Maintenance and Rescue Vehicles (MRV) for towing, rescuing, cleaning and maintenance are available. The vehicles are operating without electricity, only hydraulically. In case of emergency, the MRV provides necessary power to a monorail train with an emergency power regulator from the service vehicle.

MRV can travel in both directions without load at 15 km / h. Towing a monorail train the vehicle is capable up to max. 7 km / h. The diesel-hydraulic driven MRV is foreseen to inspect and maintain the guide-way equipment as well as to help in an emergency rescue of a stacked monorail. A cradle can be lowered on both side of the guide beam (on the opposite side of the walkway) to carry out the necessary works.

The vehicle is capable of holding approx. 3 maintenance staff members with the appropriate tools and equipment for inspection, maintenance and small repairs. It is equipped with its own energy source as electrical power and compressed air. This allows towing away a stacked monorail independent from other infrastructure of the transportation system.

If the maintenance vehicle is in use, the monorail service is stopped as long as it is not in its storage place in the depot. Back on its parking lot at the maintenance area the regular service starts again. Maintenance and repair performance are executed outside the system times, between 1am and 5am. The MRV is therefore equipped with appropriate lighting.

In case it is needed to operate the MRV from distance a remote control unit is available. MRV is equipped for track cleaning with a water pump with cleaning nozzles and 4 large brushes. Available options are: 

A number of options are available such as: 

- Crane
- Snow plow