People Mover P35

The train type P35 is another member of the Monorail family for public transportation. The P35 is the ideal solution for heavy mass transit for medium sized - or large metropolitan environments. Large trains with spacious cabins, combined with a powerful propulsion system will allow a fast and efficient transport in urban environments, such as cities and airports. The trains are running silently on the track beam and are equipped with all state of the art features to provide transport at a superior comfort level. Based on carefully selected and robust materials as well as durable and proven components, the rolling stock is designed such, to achieve high reliability and low lifetime costs.

Without any compromise to the proven technology, high safety and comfort standards of the P30 System, the P35 train type is providing enhanced features, such as the possibility of walk through between the train-cars and increased passenger capacity.

Train capacity: from 70 to 350 passengers per train, depending on the selected train length.
Spacious and light passenger compartments combined with wide doors provide the passengers with a user friendly environment with freedom of movement, space for baggage, buggies and wheel chairs.
Max. speed 80 km/h
Capacity per train 70 to 350 pph
Length of train 14 to 42 m
Length of station platform 11 to 38 m