About us


Intamin Transportation builds standalone passenger transit systems which are tailor made to meet and exceed the needs of our customer. We are specialized in the planning, design, production, implementation and operation of passenger transportation systems for cities, airports, shopping malls, parks, exhibitions, sports- and leisure centers and many more applications. We build reliable and safe transit systems, with offer optimum comfort for the passengers’ travels for a fair price. Our customers can count on more than 50 years of experiance of Intamin Transportation. Our skilled employees are committed to provide maximum service every day to address our client’s needs.

Our transport systems are designed for inner-city urban transportation with capacity to move hundreds of thousands or passengers safe, efficiently and comfortable. We provide solutions for complete transport systems including infrastructure (guideway, stations), optionally Intamin also operates and maintains the system which for many cities adds additional value.

All Intamin trains run on pneumatic tires, they can handle sharpest curves for improved urban fit the noise and vibration emitted from the vehicles is substantially less than any steel-wheeled technology. Our trains with rubber tyres provide high traction and a smoother ride comfort.

The trains usually run on an elevated track which can be quick and easily installed into existing urban environment so that no tunneling is required. The elevated guideway structure is constructed off-site to permit fast assembly on location. Long beam spans and tight curve capability also contribute towards lower expropriation costs. All proposed systems can also operate at grade or in tunnels. Track design and production is one of Intamin core business.

Signaling and control systems play a significant role in determining the design capacity of the system. The Intamin communications-based train control (CBTC) system, reduces the required spacing between trains and allows more trains per hour to run safely on a single track. The fully automated, self guided vehicles run on dedicated tracks not interfering with the other traffic. With the automatic train operation you can count on 100% punctuality and on the same time reduce up to 20% energy expenditure.

Typical applications for our transport systems include feeder linkage systems (last miles) between rail stations, metro stations and airports. System expansions including guideway extensions, additional trains and stations or additional lines (networks) is possible any time with minimal or no disruption to revenue service. Typical distances between stations is 0.8 – 2 km but also smaller or bigger system are possible

Other applications are passenger transport between ferry terminals, shopping malls, sport complexes, trade fairs, casinos, hotels, convention centers and medical campuses, educational campuses and large corporate campuses.