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Intamin Transportation, as one of the leading suppliers of Monorails, has gained a world-wide reputation for providing high quality products and services on time, and for a fair price. Since many years, Intamin Transportation has been involved in the planning, design and engineering and supply of transport systems to cities, airports, shopping malls, parks, exhibitions, sports- and leisure centers.

Starting as a supplier of major visitor attractions and visitor transport for theme parks, Intamin Transportation has gained enormous experience in engineering, manufacturing, installation and operation of very complex transportation systems, where safety and availability are paramount. With the successful completion of a number of Monorail Projects and with the consequent refinement of the product range, Intamin Transportation has became one of the leading suppliers of Monorail Systems, not only for Urban Transport, but also for airports, in tourist environments as well as passenger transport in mountain resorts.

With in-house resources capable of providing not only engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, installation and testing, Intamin has sccessfully completed numerous different People Mover Systems. As a result of its know-how and lean organisational structure, Intamin Transportation has repeatedly proven to be a very competent, efficient and flexible partner, accomplishing results envied by competitors.


The structural organisation is set up such that Intamin Transportation consists of a number of separate entities with its own function, administration and management, united by a common philosophy and mostly common ownership. Each of the entities has to sustain its own profitable business plan and enjoys only limited preferential treatment when compared to long-time outside subcontractors. Among other advantages, this helps to guarantee that Intamin Transportation stays as competitive and flexible as the market and competition dictates.

The Intamin group of companies have established and maintain an elaborate network of specialised sub-suppliers who work for Intamin Transportation on an exclusive basis in the field of passenger transportation systems. There are more then 50 such partners that represent the Intamin group of companies extended workbench allowing to cope with the ever changing demand of specialised services – year for year, project to project.

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