• People Mover P30

    The P30 People Mover is our response to increasing demand for modern, attractive and fast Public Transport in cities, airports and urban environments

    Max. speed 80 km/h

    Capacity of train 70 to 210 pph

    Length of train 14 m – 68 m

    Length of station platform 11 m to 33 m

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  • People Mover P8

    The P8 People Mover is a light and affordable public transport solution in the segment of lower and medium transportation volumes and is an attractive solution in tourist environments.

    Height of train (over rail) 2.1 m

    Width of train 2 m

    Number of cars per train 3 cars to 10 cars

    Length of train 10 m to 38 m

    Capacity of train 24 pers. to 80 pers.

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  • People Mover P6

    The P6 People Mover is the ideal solution for sightseeing in parks and in tourist environments

    Height of train (over rail) 2 m

    Width of train 1.8 m

    Number of cars per train 3 cars to 12 cars

    Length of train 10 m to 32 m

    Capacity of train 18 pers. to 72 pers.

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  • Mountain People Mover

    The Mountain Monorail feels at home in Mountain resorts and hilly tourist environments or hilly housing areas.

    No. of vehicles 2 to 10

    Max. speed 18 km/h

    Capacity per train 12 to 160 pers.

    Hourly capacity max 5000 pphd

    Length of train 41.5m

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  • People Mover P100

    The P100 People Mover the right choice to handle high passenger capacities for mass transport in cities

    Number of cars 4

    km/h Maximum speed 80

    passenger per train 500

    pphd Maximum Transport Capacity 30000

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