People Mover P30

The P30 People Mover is our response to increasing demand for modern, attractive and fast Public Transport in cities, airports and urban environments

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People Mover P30

The P30 People Mover is a response to the demands and requirements of urban transportation authorities and airport operators, for a safe, fast, and reliable transportation system. The system is most suitable for public transportation services in cities and allows city-planners for a fast implementation of an efficient mass transit system. The train is characterized by an innovative design, spacious cabins convenient for both standing and seated passengers and is equipped with large size door openings for easy and quick passenger access. Intamin People Mover Systems are characterised by route planning flexibility, low construction costs, low operation costs due to the high automation degree and are environmental friendly with virtually no emissions.

The train guiding system combined with a sophisticated automatic train protection and guiding solution, allows for a driverless operation of the trains and optimisation of line performance while improving the safety of operation. The high degree of automation makes it also possible to operate the system with a minimum number of staff. State-of-the-art communication systems with on-board passenger information systems together with large window areas provides an enhanced level of comfort. The trains travel quietly and quickly to their destinations, offering an efficient transportation method, especially during the rush hour.

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    Number of cars
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    Maximum speed
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    Capacity per train
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    Maximum transport capacity

Technical Data

  • Height of train (over rail) 2.8 m

    Width of train 2.3 m

    Number of cars per train 2 cars to 10 cars

    Length of train 14 m to 68 m

    Capacity of train 60 to 350 pers.

    Automatic driver-less operation optional

    Automatic doors standard

    Air-conditioning/heating optional

    Wheelchair access standard

  • Typical span between columns 24 m

    Optional span between columns 12 m to 30 m

    Recommended height above ground 6 m

    Maximum gradient 8 to 10%

    Minimum turn radius 30 m

  • Length of station platform 15 m to 68 m

    Automatic operation from control room optional

    Platform screen doors optional

  • Maximum transport capacity up to 15,000 pph

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