People Mover P8

The P8 People Mover is a light and affordable public transport solution in the segment of lower and medium transportation volumes and is an attractive solution in tourist environments.

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People Mover P8

Superior quality and comfort are not necessarily an expensive luxury. The P8 is an economic solution, providing a system to the high specifications suitable for any kind of transportation within districts. Environmentally friendly due to the use of high performance electric motors, virtually no emissions are detectable from the drives.

Airconditioning, audio systems, a large selection of seating, choice of colours together with automatic doors and energy saving glazing systems are available to make these trains flexible and modern in appearance.

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    Number of cars
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    Maximum speed
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    Capacity per train
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    Maximum transport capacity

Technical Data

  • Height of train (over rail) 2.1 m

    Width of train 2 m

    Number of cars per train 3 cars to 10 cars

    Length of train 10 m to 38 m

    Capacity of train 24 to 80 pers.

    Maximum recommended speed 50 km/h

    Automatic doors standard

    Air-conditioning/heating optional

    Wheelchair access optional

  • Typical span between columns 15 m

    Optional span between columns 12 m to 24 m

    Recommended height above ground 5 m

    Maximum gradient up to 10%

    Minimum turn radius 20 m

  • Length of platform 8 m to 42 m

    Station operation panel standard

    Automatic operation from control room optional

  • Maximum transport capacity up to 5,000 pph

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