From the airport the passengers will reach the city center of Bologna by a smooth and comfortable ride within only 7 minutes


Intamin sets a new standard for public transport
Intamin is glad to announce the start of construction of a fully automatic – and driverless People Mover System for the City of Bologna in Italy. The system will connect the Main Railway Station (located in the City Centre) with the Airport, serving as public transport and providing at the same time a fast transfer from the railway station to the airport.

High-speed railway trains can reach Bologna from Milano within only 1 hour and from Rome within less than 2 hours. Airport users, which are arriving at Bologna railway station, can then take the Intamin People Mover and will comfortably move the 5 km to the airport, within only 7 minutes trip time. This convenient and fast mean to reach the Airport shall encourage potential travelers between Rome and Milano to choice Bologna Airport as their hub for international flights.

A fast trip at a high travel comfort is for this project the key to attract potential passengers to choice public transport. Even at rush-hour time the transport system is not affected at all by traffic jams and referring delays and offers in this way a high reliability which is paramount for the passengers who have to reach their flight in time.


Length of track 5.1km
Maximum incline 6%
Number of stations 3
Transfer time 7 minutes
Number of Trains 3 Trains (P30/70)
Capacity per train 70 passengers
Length/height/width of train 17.7m / 3.5m / 2.3m
Maximum Speed 80km/h

A high automation degree of the monorail system, combined with a driverless operation of the trains, enables operating the system with a minimum number of staff from the Operation Control Centre OCC. A sophisticated train guiding system allows a safe operation of the trains with a short distance of only 30 seconds between two trains, even at high speed of up to 80km/h.

The system comprises all features for a modern and automatic operation, such as information displays in the trains, public address system for passenger information, CCTV cameras in the trains and at the stations, two-way communication devices in the trains, where passengers can talk to the operator in the central control room, automatic door at the station platform edges, etc.

Solar Energy provides excellent Energy Balance
As a unique feature, Solar Panels will be installed along the track, producing electrical energy, which results in an excellent Energy Balance of this People Mover System. The solar panels are incorporated into the guide way structure such to fit perfectly as a design element providing to the elevated track a modern and elegant appearance.

The new People Mover trains arrived in 2018 at Bologna, and after the implementation and test period, Intamin will be glad to handover one of the most modern Public Transport System worldwide, a system which is setting new standards in terms of Ecology.

The monorail project is currently one of the city’s most important infrastructural investments, which shows the city’s commitment towards the growth of the region’s economy.

Important decision criteria for the Intamin P30 Monorail was the environmental friendly system with virtually no emissions, low construction costs, route planning flexibility and low operation costs due to the high automation degree.


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