A fast transport link on an elegant and light train from the Convetion Center over a lake, throughout a beautiful tropical nature to the Tinapa Resort


Cross River State recorded in April the maiden ride of its ultra-modern monorail. The 1.1-kilometer, single-track shuttle runs from the Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort to the Calabar International Convention Centre (CICC) at the Summit Hills.

The monorail using an Intamin P8 electric powered passenger shuttle train composed of ten passenger cars and two equipment cars (total of 12 cars per train) and a eighty-eight total seating capacity will be available at the Summit Hills to care for transport need of residents and visitors to the place. The train will shuttle passengers between the CICC and the Tinapa complex while allowing access to get modafinil, Tinapa Shopping Center, and the Tinapa waterpark and provides a quick alternative access connecting Tinapa to Summit Hills. The monorail station is set just off the CICC building to give access directly to convention activities.

For Phase 1, one monorail P8/88 with a maximum capacity of 88 seated passengers will serve altogether three stations.

A driver will operate the train. However, the safety of the train will be ensured by the Intamin Automatic Train Guiding System ATGS, which will allow an automatic protection of the train. This system will monitor the speed of the train to ensure a level of safety at any point on the track.

Calabar in the southeastern part of Nigeria is located in the scenic river delta of the Cross River State bordering Cameroun. Calabar’s new attraction Summit Hills is an exciting real estate project in Nigeria and it is already alive and breathing. It consists of viagra, the Calabar International Convention Centre, Hotels, Recreational Facilities, Golf Course, Clubhouse, Nature Reserve, Hospital and a variety of Residential units to create a vibrant and bustling community within a unique Eco system.