The lovely Monorai Trains are not only an eye ketcher, but a ride with the trains is always big fun for the visitors and allows them to get a fantastic view on the park.


Seven new P6 monorail trains started operation at Romon U-Park in Ningbo, China. The Intamin single-tracked, two-station loop monorail will connect the shopping mall with the various attractions on a 340 mm wide track. The system features seven P6/18 trains with a maximum capacity of 18 seated passengers each. Trains depart from stations every 2 minutes and operate at up to 16 km/h.

The ride not only transports guests, but its winding path gives passengers an amazing tour of the extravagantly-themed facility, with great views from 4 to 6 meters above the ground level. Up to 1,100 guests an hour are able to enjoy the circular route.

Trains are driven in fully automatic mode controlled by an Intamin ride control system. However trains are also equipped with ATGS (Automatic Train Guiding System) which will monitor the speed of the train to ensure a level of safety at any point on the track

Year of public opening 2015
Length of track 1100 m
Stations 2
Trains P6/I8 7
Capacity per train 18 persons
Passenger capacity per hour 1100 pphd
Speed max. 5 m/s
Max. incline 20 %
Height of elevated tracks 4-6 m
Typical span of columns 12m


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