Port Harcourt

A fast and elegant solution for a city, where the road traffic is threatened to collapse.


Port Harcourt and its metropolitan area counts actually 3.7Mio citizens and is characterized by oil production and its associated industries. The rapidly increasing traffic in the city regularly leads to buy sildigra. Therefore, city-planners were looking for a fast implementation of an efficient mass transit system. The monorail project is part of the city’s and River State infrastructural investments to improve the traffic situation.

The train is characterized by an innovative design, spacious cabins and is equipped with large size door openings for easy access for passengers with provigil. The modern design of the trains combined with a seamless appearance of the track system integrates the system excellently into the environment.

Rivers Monorail uses Intamin’s monorail train type P30, an electric driven train especially designed and most suitable for public transport services in cities.

The design speed of the train is 80 km/h. The Port Harcourt Monorail has six coaches and can carry up to 210 passengers per train.

The trains are driven by drivers. However the trains are also equipped with ATC (Automatic Train Control) which monitor the speed of the train to ensure a high level of safety at any point on the track. The train operation system combined with a sophisticated automatic train protection and guiding solution allows for optimization of line performance while always ensuring a high safety of operation. Staff in the Operation Control Centre OCC monitor the train operation.

The depot and maintenance area is near the Sharks Park station, it inculdes eight tracks for trains, two separate maintenance tracks, one track with a closed washing bay for trains and one track exclusively for the Maintenance and Rescue Vehicle (MRV).

The Phase 1 with a length of 2.3 km is ready for operation. Once phase 2 is completed the Port Harcourt Monorail system will offer 19.5 km of track to the commuters and 14 stations between Aggrey Road and the loop North/East of the Garrison station. As a first in Africa, this People Mover system sets a new bench mark with regard to fast and smooth operation and with no interference to the rest of the city traffic.

With over four decades of experience, Intamin provides Monorail Systems for public transportation, which are in compliance or even exceed the highest standards and safety regulations.