Image of Bologna

From the airport the passengers will reach the city center of Bologna by a smooth and comfortable ride within only 7 minutes


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Image of Ashgabat

Modern Public Transport and landmark at the Olympic site in Ashgabat


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Image of Port Harcourt

A fast and elegant solution for a city, where the road traffic is threatened to collapse.

Port Harcourt

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Image of Da Nang

Vietnam’s first-ever elevated monorail system opened its doors as a permanent installation at Da Nang Asia Park on January 1, 2016.

Da Nang

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Image of Ningbo

The lovely Monorai Trains are not only an eye ketcher, but a ride with the trains is always big fun for the visitors and allows them to get a fantastic view on the park.


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Image of Calabar

A fast transport link on an elegant and light train from the Convetion Center over a lake, throughout a beautiful tropical nature to the Tinapa Resort


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Image of Xi’an

Enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride on the MonorIl, with a great view on the numerous of historical sites as well as on the beautiful nature along the Monorail line.


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